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Portland Massage, Beaverton Massage, Oregon Massage Portland Massage, Beaverton Massage, Oregon Massage Portland Massage, Beaverton Massage, Oregon Massage



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Great Location.
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Massage Naturally is in the heart of Raleigh Hills at the intersection of Schools Ferry Rd., Oleson Rd. and  Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy.. You can always find parking in our large lot.

Tri-met Service
We are located less than a block from four major bus lines.

Portland Massage, Beaverton Massage, Oregon Massage
Massage for Medical Conditions

What is medical massage?
Medical massage is massage therapy prescribed by a doctor. The scope and intent of the massage is limited to what your doctor deems medically necessary for treatment of an injury or health condition. Usually the massage therapy is paid for by insurance through a claim on health or auto insurance benefits.

When is medical massage appropriate?
Massage therapy is increasingly used by doctors to help their patients recover from common injuries and to help manage chronic health conditions. Ask your doctor if massage therapy would help you. In Oregon, MDs, Chiropractors and Naturopaths can all prescribe medical massage. Massage is not appropriate for certain conditions so it is important that a doctor determine that massage therapy is both medically necessary and appropriate to your treatment.

Do I need a prescription for medical massage?
Yes, always. In Oregon, massage therapists cannot diagnose medical conditions. To obtain a prescription for massage, your doctor must first diagnose your condition and develop a treatment plan that includes massage therapy. Your doctor can then write you a prescription for massage, specifying the type and duration of massage treatments. I am always happy to speak with your doctor and to answer any questions you may have about prescriptions, insurance coverage and billing, appointment scheduling and how medical massage differs from relaxation massage. Questions? Please feel free to call me at 503-719-5400 or email us.

Does my health insurance cover massage?
Many health plans now cover massage therapy when prescribed by a doctor as medically necessary. Limits on coverage vary widely. Ask your health insurance provider or your employee benefits manager about the specifics of your plan. I am happy to contact your insurance provider to help you find out if your plan covers massage therapy. Questions? Please feel free to call me at 503-719-5400 or email us.

I have been injured in an auto accident. Will auto insurance pay for medical massage?
Every driver in Oregon must carry Oregon Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance. This insurance pays medical bills for injuries sustained by drivers, passengers, pedestrians and bicyclists. Massage can help treat injuries common to auto accidents. Primary health care doctors such as MDs, Chiropractors and Naturopaths can prescribe massage as part of their treatment plan for your injuries. Ask your doctor about the benefits of massage therapy in your recovery. For several years I have worked closely with doctors to help provide effective, focused treatment using proven techniques. Questions? Please feel free to call me at 503-719-5400 or email us.

Who bills the insurance company for my treatments?
I bill insurance companies directly for your medical massage services so you can focus on relaxing and healing. I'm also happy to talk with your doctor and send them my massage referral form. Questions? Please feel free to call me at 503-719-5400 or email us.



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