Massage Naturally 

4475 SW Scholls Ferry Rd., Portland OR 97225


Portland Massage, Beaverton Massage, Oregon Massage Portland Massage, Beaverton Massage, Oregon Massage Portland Massage, Beaverton Massage, Oregon Massage



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Great Location.
Free Parking.

Massage Naturally is in the heart of Raleigh Hills at the intersection of Schools Ferry Rd., Oleson Rd. and  Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy.. You can always find parking in our large lot.

Tri-met Service
We are located less than a block from four major bus lines.

Portland Massage, Beaverton Massage, Oregon Massage
What Our Clients Say...
“I’ve had massages off and on for the last 17 years, and Kim is one of the best.”
- Lois H.

" gave me back a back that feels like I expect it to, and the contrast between that and what it felt like before this is something I don't even have words for."
- Laura D.

“You always know where it hurts.”
-Tracie W.

“Other therapists made my jaw worse. Kim knew how much pressure to use and now even my headache is gone.” - Evona S.

"I’ve had pain in my neck and shoulder muscles for about a year now. At times, it has been quite severe…worse than anything I have ever experienced in my life. To have this type of pain is frustrating; I don’t like limitations, and, frankly, I don’t deal very well with them.
When I walked into your office, I was discouraged (which is not an emotion that I know very well). I was beginning to lose hope. I was beginning to believe that despite all the doctors that I’ve seen over the last year, it might never go away. That, perhaps, I would simply have to live with the pain.
I have never been so happy to admit that I was wrong! Kim, you took away the pain, But, more important than what you took away is what you gave me: hope. What a wonderful gift. I now believe that, together, we can make this pain in my neck vanish. I am grateful." - Bobbi K.

“She really is the best for the money. Because: 1. She only massages women. 2. She is one of the most affordable massage therapists in Portland. 3. She will ask you how you like to be massaged and change her technique to your liking."  - Lisa


"I've never had such a good massage. Thank you so much Kim. I really appreciated your easy-going but professional manner. Thanks also for not chatting at me for an hour like my last massage therapist. My hip still feels great but now I'm running again so I'm sure I'll see you soon!”  - Jen

“Simply relaxing. My massage was a special treat. It helped relax my super-tense neck. I was back to work in no time. I would definitely recommend her services. Her rates are $5-10 less per hour than I am used to paying, and $30 less than what they charge down in the Pearl. She even gave me a special discount on my next massage for referring a friend of mine to her." - Erin

“I refer all of my female clients to Kim Payne because she does an amazing job. Her prices are fair and affordable. She has great package rates. She is always on time. She never rushes, and puts effort in to making sure that you receive exactly what you wanted out of the massage. In my opinion there is no better place in Portland to get a massage than Massage Naturally." - C. Pierce DC